Countering Resistance

Published on 18 February 2012 by

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Getting clients to act is not easy, but highlighting the benefits of change should help get results.

As you’re dispensing advice, your client interrupts, “Yes, but…” You clarify, and he says: “Yes, but…” You remind him your advice will help him reach his financial goals. You warn of the consequences of inaction. He might agree, yet returns two months later stating he’s done nothing. You start to wonder why this guy came to see you in the first place.

At some point, most clients will resist your advice. Whether you’re suggesting a budget, saving more, funding retirement plans, buying insurance or writing a will, you will actually create client resistance if you are doing your job because you will be advising a client to do something he or she may not be ready to do. Even if you stick to the subject that brought your client into your office, you may see resistance.

Decades of research on helping people change self-destructive behaviors, such as smoking or drug use, have shown that only 20% of us are in the “action phase” around any particular issue. The rest of us are in various stages of ambivalence toward change.

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