FBS™ Core Competencies

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FBS™ 10 Core Competencies

Applicants for the FBS™ certification are required to demonstrate 10 Core Competencies in Financial Behavior for FBS™ Designation



  • Money Scripts
  • Money Disorders
  • Financial Flashpoints
  • Applied Behavioral Finance
  • Exquisite Listening and Advanced Rapport Establishing Techniques
  • Theories of Change
  • Facilitating Financial Health
  • Financial Therapy
  • Basics of Personal Financial Planning
  • Ethics and Financial psychology

Demonstration of Competence

Applicants will be required to demonstrate content and experiential competence.

Content Competence will be demonstrated through:

  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Content examinations through the FPI
  • Written assignments
  • Competence in some content areas can be demonstrated by prior successful completion of courses from approved institutions of higher learning (e.g. passing grade in a graduate-level course in behavioral finance; degree in financial planning; degree in a mental health field)

Experiential competence will be demonstrated through:

  • Skill Building
  • Attendance in a FPI workshop
  • Competence in some experiential areas can be demonstrated by previous attendance in Onsite’s Healing Money Issues workshop