Financial Psychology Institute™

FPI Logo - jpegMission

The mission of the Financial Psychology Institute™ is to increase the understanding of how psychological factors impact financial behaviors…continue >>>

Training Program

The FPI’s™ Training Program is designed to provide financial advisors and financial therapists with the latest financial behavior knowledge and interventions…continue >>>

Financial Behavior Specialist™

The FPI offers professional certification in financial behavior to financial professionals and mental health providers….continue >>>

FBS™ Core Competencies

Applicants for the FBS™ certification are required to demonstrate 10 Core Competencies in Financial Behavior for FBS™ Designation…continue >>>

Financial Health Scale

This is the first step in assessing your financial health and a way to identify some of your more dominant money scripts….continue >>>


Discover what books and media can help you have a better financial mindset…continue >>>


In addition to training financial and mental health professionals, The Financial Psychology Institute™ offers personal, confidential phone and in-person coaching, customized workshops, and consulting services to individuals, couples, families, and organizations….continue >>>

For further information or if you would like to be considered for membership, please contact Brenda Klontz.