Training Program

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Financial Psychology Institute™ (FPI) Training Program

The FPI’s Training Program is designed to provide financial advisors and financial therapists with the latest financial behavior knowledge and interventions. The curriculum consists of the following:



  • Monthly seminar (via conference call and/or webinar)
  • Quarterly 60-minute individual consulting call
  • Tuition and priority enrollment at FPI workshop, focused on experiential learning
  • Access to FPI’s proprietary materials and latest research to use with clients
  • Access to collaborative projects with the Klontzs (as available)
  • Access to the Klontz’s for additional coaching/consultation
  • Participation in 24-month Training & Consulting Program and demonstrated competency in 10 FPI content areas meets the training requirements for Certification as a Financial Behavior Specialist™ (FBS™)

FPI’s Faculty Mentoring Program

The FPI will invite selected trainees to become Faculty of the Financial Psychology Institute™

FPI Faculty will be invited into the mentorship program based on:

  • mutual shared vision, interests, and goals,
  • a passion for teaching, consulting, and training,
  • demonstrated content competencies,
  • demonstrated experiential competencies,
  • Certification as a Financial Behavior Specialist™ in good standing, and
  • completion of an individually designed mentoring program

There would be no costs for the Faculty Mentoring Program.

For further information or if you would like to be considered for membership, please contact Brenda Klontz.