Mental Wealth

Money problems are not about the amount of money we have. They are symptoms of a more deeply rooted problem – our money scripts.  Our relationship with money is hard-wired in our brains based on our early experiences with money, which can make change difficult. But the good news is that you can rewire your money mindsets using our research-tested approach.  Our process is based on the book, The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge and follows these 5 steps to identify and rewire your limiting beliefs:

1) face your fear
2) visit your past
3) open your present
4) envision your future
5) transform your life

The end benefit is reduced money anxieties and a transformed relationship with money-within yourself, with others and within your world.

Our hope is that you will transform your relationship with money and experience the lasting financial health and peace you deserve.  Get started now by taking our FREE Financial Health Test, which has been used in research.*  For information on how to access this article, please contact us.

* Klontz, B.T., Bivens, A, Klontz, P.T., Wada, J., & Kahler, R. (2008).  The treatment of disordered money behaviors: Results of an open clinical trial. Psychological Services (5)3,295-308.