Speaking Engagements

If you would like to book the Drs., please contact Dr. Brad Klontz or Dr. Ted Klontz
brad@klontzconsulting.com or ted@klontzconsulting.com

Drs. Ted Klontz & Dr. Brad Klontz are available to speak at both private conferences and at public events either jointly or individually.

Quotes from past speakers….

“Dr. Ted Klontz was wonderful! His presentation was thought provoking and engaging. The warm, genuine style in which he presented help spark conversation and made a usually taboo subject, money, easy to digest. My wife and I talked for days about the concepts that Dr. Klontz unfolded so well. The Evening of Hope was just that, an evening where hope for the future financially and personally was revealed.”
Kyle Turner, Therapist, The Refuge Center for Counseling

“Brad Klontz is one of the most interesting and sought-after speakers for professional training on the subjects of money and psychology in this country.  He recently presented well-received training on financial aspects of a down economy in Hawaii. Dr. Klontz articulates knowledge regarding financial health that simply empowers the listener to try his well-proven methods.”
Harold V. Hall, PhD, ABPP, Director, Psychological Consultants, Hawaii

“When Ted Klontz presents to an audience, the members respond with intrigue and interest. His work and educational seminars prompt people to think, question, and explore new and interesting areas in their lives, work, and families.”
Melissa Hammel, Hammel Financial

“I would highly recommend Dr. Brad Klontz as a speaker. In these challenging economic times, Dr. Klontz has a well thought out message and deliverable to help someone overcome their roadblocks and get themselves back on the right track both financially and emotionally. Dr. Klontz’s background and experience as a Financial Psychologist provides a thought provoking perspective on the balance of “exterior” knowledge, the accounting and money management and also the “interior” aspects of money including a person’s emotions, beliefs and values about money. Dr. Klontz is engaging, motivating, humorous and such a pleasure to listen to. Your audience will thoroughly enjoy Dr. Klontz’s message and presentation.”
Vernon Wong, Senior Vice President and Manager,  First Hawaiian Bank

They speak on a broad array of topics, but the following are their most requested speeches:

General Money Disorder Topics

  • The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge: 5 Principles to Transform Your Relationship with Money
    (See Video Here) Ebenezer Scrooge left behind his miserly ways and transformed his financial life,   but it took a little help. Follow Scrooge’s 5-step method to transform your own.
  • Relationships & Money: (Psssttt, It’s not about the money)
    Money is the #1 area of conflict for couples. Disagreements over money are actually conflicting beliefs about money. We show you how to discover your hidden money beliefs and develop a true financial partnership.
  • Wired for Wealth: Change the Money Mindsets that Keep You Trapped and   Unleash Your Wealth Potential
    (See Video Here
    ) Markets go up and down, but one fact holds true: your money scripts will determine whether you win or lose. Learn how to rewire your brain for wealth to free yourself from financial stress.

Financial Planners/Accountant Topics

  • Facilitating Financial Health: Tools for Financial Planners, Coaches, and Therapists
    More than 80% of financial consumers say they leave their providers because they don’t feel understood.  We teach you how to apply advanced psychological techniques to develop a more successful Financial Professional’s practice.
  • The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge: Why Smart People Do (Seemingly) Dumb Things With Money.
    (See Video Here) Your clients know they should save more, spend less, and follow your expert advice. While it seems that many times clients do things that aren’t sensible, if we understand their psychological roadblocks, we can get a clear picture on what’s driving the dysfunction and employ proven techniques to help them to correct it.
  • Money Disorders: What Every Financial Advisor Must Know
    Learn about the 12 most common money disorders- their causes, their signs, and   their cures.
  • 9 Proven Techniques for Helping Clients Get Out of Their Own Way
    What do you do when your clients don’t follow through on your advice? Research has shown that your natural response will make them LESS likely to change than    if you had never tried to help in the first place. Learn 9 proven techniques to help clients get out of their own way and on the right track.

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