Close to 200 pairs of shoes, closetfuls of expensive jeans, stacks of cosmetics and fragrance candles, 100 tubes of lip gloss….32-year-old Nikki’s shopping addiction was spinning out of control.  Not only did she rack up $38,000 credit card debt, for years she committed financial infidelity, lying to her husband about her spending.  “I can deal with the fact that maybe I’m hurting myself.  But the fact that I’m hurting my husband and my kids for something that they didn’t even do, that they have no control over, that makes me pretty sick,” she tells Juju Chang.  With nowhere else to turn, Nikki agreed to attend the only live-in week-long money treatment  center in the country located in TN, joining eight other over spenders from all over the country, each at their wits end financially.  Led by Drs. Brad and Ted Klontz (co-founders of Your Mental Wealth)  and financial planner, Rick Kahler, watch Friday, July 31, 2009 on ABC News’ “20/20” 10pm ET to find out how they have created a program of hope around behavioral money issues.  Watch here for the GMA clip


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