Rapid City, South Dakota

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From Ted

Two years ago I learned that as a result of all of the blood products I had received throughout my lifetime due to my hemophilia, my liver was on its last leg. Shortly after receiving that news, a Lakota friend of mine, a wonderful lady by the name of Toonie, asked if during my annual trip to South Dakota, where I lead men’s spiritual retreats as well as financial workshops for professionals, I would be interested in participating in a healing ceremony that her culture performs for people like me. This ceremony would involve preparing for and participating in a sweat lodge experience. I eagerly agreed and was moved by the love and acceptance present during that ceremony.

A year has passed. On a recent visit to my doctor, who had been talking about a need to consider preparing for a possible transplant, he said “I am not sure what you are doing, but keep it up”. Surprisingly, your liver condition seems to have stabilized.” I have been eating differently, taking acupuncture treatments, and doing everything else I know of to take care of myself. I also have a strong sense that this healing ceremony was an important part of the process. Yesterday, being back in South Dakota again, it was time for me to attend a follow-up thanksgiving Ceremony, similar to the sweat lodge experience of a year ago. Once again, the experience was very profound. That people from a different culture would be so warm, welcoming, accepting, and loving to a relative stranger never ceases to move me.

The challenge for me is to be able to pass that spirit on.


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