Your Mental Wealth® offers the following services provided by Dr. Ted Klontz and Dr. Brad Klontz and their Partners.

Dr. Brad Klontz

Dr. Brad Klontz

If you are interested in contacting Dr. Brad Klontz email him at [email protected]. Connect with Dr. Brad on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dr. Ted Klontz

Dr. Ted Klontz

If you are interested in individual, group or family consulting services or workshops provided by Dr. Ted Klontz please email him at [email protected] or visit him at Klontz Consulting.

The Financial Psychology Institute®

The Financial Psychology Institute® provides professional certification (the Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® FBS® marks) and business/corporate consulting services.

Education in Financial Psychology

If you are interested in formal education surrounding Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance provided by both Drs. Brad and Ted Klontz, their 5 course curriculum is offered through Creighton University Heider College of Business.

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory

If you are interested in financial planning services provided by Dr. Brad Klontz and his Partners, please visit Your Mental Wealth® Advisors.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Brad Klontz and Dr. Ted Klontz are also available for professional speaking engagements. Learn more about Dr. Brad Klontz and Dr. Ted Klontz.

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